Where To Pick Strawberries In Sanford Michigan Near Me

What is U-Pick Strawberries

U-Pick strawberries are a fun summer activity that families can enjoy together. In Michigan, United States, this activity is a popular way to get fresh fruit in the summertime. There are many different types of strawberries to choose from, and each season offers a different variety. In addition, there are many different locations throughout the state where you can U-pick strawberries. You can find U-pick strawberries in fields, on farms, and even in gardens. U-pick strawberries are a great way to get your fruits and vegetables without having to go to the grocery store.

Why U-Pick Strawberries at Farms Are Great For Your Family

If you’re looking for an incredibly fun, family-friendly summer activity, U-pick Strawberries is definitely the way to go! Not only are the strawberries ripe and delicious, but picking them yourself is a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

In Michigan, U-pick strawberries are a huge attraction. The farms that operate U-pick strawberry operations are located all around the state, and they always have a lot of strawberries available. Plus, the farmers are always happy to show you around and give you tips on how to pick the perfect ones.

Different states have different laws and regulations surrounding U-pick strawberry operations, so it’s important to do your research before you go. But in general, U-pick strawberry farms are a great way to enjoy Michigan’s beautiful countryside while picking some delicious fruit.

Below Are The Top Farms For U-pick Where To Pick Strawberries In Sanford Michigan Near Me

Gary Thomas Farms
443 Thomas Road, Sanford, NC, 27330 View on Map
(919) 258-3036

Harrington Farms
1412 San Lee Drive, Sanford, NC, 27330 View on Map
(919) 775-4243

McNeill Farms
5948 Lemon Springs Road, Sanford, NC, 27332 View on Map
(919) 774-1085

Logan Farms
110 Logan Farm Lane, Sanford, NC, 27330 View on Map
(919) 776-1899

Gross Farms, LLC
1606 Pickett Road, Sanford, NC, 27332 View on Map
(919) 498-6728

Barry's Strawbrry Farm
4047 Cox Mill Road, Sanford, NC, 27332 View on Map
(919) 258-3606

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If you’re looking for a delicious way to enjoy your summertime, then you should definitely consider picking your own strawberries in Michigan! This activity is definitely different than picking them in other countries, because in Michigan, the berries are usually bigger and tastier. Plus, the climate is perfect for growing strawberries, so you can be sure that the strawberries in Michigan are some of the best you’ll ever enjoy!