Where To Pick Strawberries In Knox County Tennessee Near Me

What is U-Pick Strawberries

In Tennessee, U-Pick Strawberries is a popular activity for families and friends. The strawberries are usually in great condition and the picked strawberries can be eaten fresh or frozen. U-Pick Strawberries in Tennessee, United States is definitely a different experience than picking strawberries in other countries. For one, the picking season is much shorter in Tennessee. The season usually lasts from mid-May to early July. Secondly, the fruit is usually picked by hand instead of using a machine. This results in a fruit that is more fresh and has more flavor.

Why U-Pick Strawberries at Farms Are Great For Your Family

U-pick strawberries at farms are great for your family because they offer a variety of colors, sizes, and flavors that can’t be found at grocery stores. The farms in Tennessee, United States have a long season, which means that you can typically pick strawberries from mid-May until the end of July. This means that you can get the freshest strawberries possible. Additionally, the farms in Tennessee, United States are also typically smaller, which means that you are more likely to be able to interact with the farmers and learn about their farming methods.

Below Are The Top Farms For U-pick Where To Pick Strawberries In Knox County Tennessee Near Me

The Fruit and Berry Patch
4407 McCloud Road, Knoxville, T, 37938 View on Map
(865) 922-3779

Rutherford's Strawberries
3337 Mint Road, Maryville, T, 37803 View on Map
(865) 982-5891

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In conclusion, U-pick strawberries in Tennessee, United States are a different experience than what you may experience elsewhere. The fruit is at its peak in late summer and early fall, so it’s easy to find the perfect berries at a good price. Plus, the weather is usually very pleasant in the Volunteer State, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor while basking in the sunshine.