About Us

About Us

Welcome to Where2Pick.com, your go-to source for finding farms where you can pick your own fruits! We are a team of fruit-loving enthusiasts who are passionate about connecting people with local farms and helping them experience the joy of picking their own fresh, ripe produce.

Our mission is to make it easy and fun for everyone to find and visit farms that offer pick-your-own fruit experiences. We believe that there’s nothing quite like the taste of fresh fruit straight from the tree or vine, and we want to help people discover that for themselves.

We work hard to curate a comprehensive list of farms across the country that offer pick-your-own fruit experiences. Our listings include farms of all sizes and varieties, from small family-owned operations to large commercial farms. We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information about each farm, including their hours of operation, available fruits, and any special events or promotions they may be offering.

At Where2Pick.com, we believe that picking your own fruit is not just about getting fresh produce, but it’s also about the experience. It’s a chance to get outside, connect with nature, and make memories with your loved ones. That’s why we also provide tips and resources to help you make the most of your farm visit, including what to wear, what to bring, and what to expect.

We are committed to supporting local agriculture and promoting sustainable farming practices. By connecting consumers with local farms, we hope to help build stronger communities and a more resilient food system.

Thank you for visiting Where2Pick.com! We hope you find our website helpful and inspiring, and we look forward to helping you discover your next pick-your-own fruit adventure.